Summer Fun!

PJ sleep shirt! How cute is this?! Lounge in style on hot, summer nights! #tjmaxx


The PJ Jacket

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is definitely a jacket for pajamas/pj’s!  Brilliant!  If you are not a proud owner of one of these gems, don’t delay!  I found this one at Dillard’s, in the pajama section, and it was ON SALE–AFFORDABLE TOO!  Warning:  extreme happiness and contentment is highly probable, resulting in not wanting to do much of anything other than, ENJOY.

pj jacket1

A piece of Heaven in jacket form

TMI #1

My son’s dorm at Grinnell College is in an area known as “jama land”.  How cool is that?!  I want to live in “jama land”!  I love college!

jama:  from the root word, pajama {puh-jah-muh} meaning – comfy clothes usually made from cotton, fleece, or satin fabrics.  Typically worn for sleeping, but can be worn for all occasions in the 21st century.  ~ mypjcafe