Need Blanket

Aaah, my hero, Linus, and I totally get the concept that a blanket represents more than warmth–happiness, a friend, courage, hope, and a multitude of other ideas?  Soooo, when I saw a homeless man with a sign that said, “Need Blanket”…well, you know what happened. 🙂  I encourage you to ‘spread’ some love/hope/warmth today.  It matters.



Blankee and Me :)

As long as I can remember, my blanket and I have been famous friends!  As I grew, so did my blanket.  Blankets make the best of friends!  They keep you warm, share your joys, console your sorrows, lend themselves to others in need, keep you safe, and on and on it goes.  Other than myself, who knows this best?  Linus, of course!  Charles Schultz used, Linus, to teach the world the importance of a blanket.  Thank you!

Blankee and Me :)