Winter Fun PJ’S

Soft, warm fun for the winter! Completely adorable–the only thing missing is a warm drink and a good friend!


Health By Coffee


Do you have a New Year’s Resolution that involves your health?  Well, one company is going for it and they are trying to do it via coffee.  That’s right, coffee infused with vitamins!  Innovative! Kudos to them, but pretty sure this girl is going to need a free sample before giving up full-strength Sumatra 🙂

Rome, Italy #1

Cafe' Mocha like the Romans do it!

Cafe’ Mocha like the Romans do it!

My son is studying abroad in Rome, Italy this semester–Amazing!  So jealous!  He is sending me pictures of some of his experiences so I thought I would share a few in my “Rome, Italy” installments.  What a beautiful drink–I don’t know whether to drink it or just look at it.  Who am I kidding, that baby is going down!