Nature’s secret to positive results!

love mug

Isn’t that the truth!  Once someone says, “coffee” the conversation takes a positive and attentive turn.  Organizers and Managers across America should heed this advice!  Try it out today and see if you positive results.

Welcome, Snow day!

Snow day means pajama day!!!  Actually, there are many words that mean, pajama day–“I took off work day,” “sick day,” “left early day,” “just feel like staying in my pajamas day,” “Saturday,” “Sunday,” “fun day,” the list just keeps going…  These are my very favorites, at the moment–LOVE!!

furry hearts

The PJ Jacket

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is definitely a jacket for pajamas/pj’s!  Brilliant!  If you are not a proud owner of one of these gems, don’t delay!  I found this one at Dillard’s, in the pajama section, and it was ON SALE–AFFORDABLE TOO!  Warning:  extreme happiness and contentment is highly probable, resulting in not wanting to do much of anything other than, ENJOY.

pj jacket1

A piece of Heaven in jacket form