Excited to try it! I think??

Starbucks is going to unveil a new drink–first in 5 years!  Thank you New York Magazine for helping to spread the word!  Click on the link to learn more about the upcoming Chestnut Praline Latte!



TMI #1

My son’s dorm at Grinnell College is in an area known as “jama land”.  How cool is that?!  I want to live in “jama land”!  I love college!

jama:  from the root word, pajama {puh-jah-muh} meaning – comfy clothes usually made from cotton, fleece, or satin fabrics.  Typically worn for sleeping, but can be worn for all occasions in the 21st century.  ~ mypjcafe

Happy Rainy Monday!

RainRainy days on a Monday always make me smile!  Most people don’t like Monday…but when it’s raining, or even better, stormy, the “feel” of the day takes on a mystical quality.  It is the perfect time to embrace something warm and linger in the moment.